Coast History

The first store which opened 1916 was built by William Polkinghorne the younger. He also built a cheese factory as well as the Post Office. Unfortunately, the cheese factory was not a success and closed after 2 years of operation.

The store was on the hill between Arkles and Manly, on the corner of Whangaparaoa and Homestead Roads.

Ken and Edith Hopper moved to Whangaparaoa and took over the store in 1927.

This was a popular store with locals and visitors who used to arrive in Whangaparaoa by the ferry into Arkles Bay. Visitors started to arrive from the 1920's with Whangaparaoa being a popular beach destination.

The original store was demolished in the mid to late 1980’s as the land was developed. Whangaparaoa Hall built in 1936, the first shops in the 1950’sand the first shopping centre opened in January 1960.

Early shops included a large grocery store called “Shoprite” which was part of the early New World group. Other shops included Otto’s Icecreams, Mrs Drent’s bookshop (which held the original library), a dairy, butcher, barber, haberdashery shop, Parker’s Electrical (eventually taken over by one of the young shop workers, Eddie Law) and Neville’s Pharmacy (now the site of Hair Scene).

The Whangaparaoa Pub was also a popular landmark down Wade River Road next to the shops and the Baptist Church was also an early landmark.
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Eco Awareness

It's important for us to understand, appreciate and where we can to help in local environmental issues. Plastic is a problem. We all know that but did you know Aotearoa waters are predicted to have the highest plastic impact on seabirds due to the diversity and number of seabirds present? Find out more and what you can do to help ...
Plastic Pollution
Polkinghorne Store Whangaparaoa

Polkinghorne Store 1923. This was the first store and post office in Whangaparaoa built in 1916. Mr and Mrs Polkinghorne under the verandah. Gardiner sisters on the dray.

Intersection Whangaparaoa Road and road to Arkles

Intersection of Whangaparaoa Road and the road to Arkles Bay c1921

Whangaparaoa shops 1960s

The first Whangaparaoa Shops were built approx 1950's. This is the approximate location of two current Business Whangaparaoa members, Dear Deer Coffee Roasting and Hair Scene. The building was originally built for chemist Nevil Bradley in 1960.

Hopper delivery van

In 1927 the Hopper family moved to Whangaparaoa and took over running the store. This is their delivery van which used to double as the first bus - c1935

SS Stamer

SS Stamer arriving at Arkles Wharf. Ferries brought visitors up to Whangaparaoa who then stayed either in the bay or came up over the hill via the now site of Coast.

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